Managing Change in today’s technology led environment

managing change 2The rate of change in the modern commercial environment means we may cross a number of career boundaries during our working life. We need to be able to adapt to this rate of change and adjust to different work situations. This book will give you the skills to do this.

Career advice is a subject on which you will find an amazing array of material, incorporating a wide range of suggestions that can be contradictory or sound good on paper but are difficult to apply. Employees are frequently sent on courses that focus on change management and work processes. My emphasis is the reverse of this. I believe it is more productive to give priority to coaching the individual to recognise their particular skills and strengths, which they can then apply to real work situations as they change.

High-performing athletes will receive individual coaching to achieve high levels of performance within their particular sport. The main emphasis is on improving their skills to best deal tactically with the race or game, which by its nature is an unpredictable event. Career Coaching endorses the same philosophy. The time spent on personal skills development is more productive than time spent on theoretically studying an unpredictable event. Many of the leading business schools have acknowledged this modern trend and are incorporating these skills as an integral part of their MBA courses. I am personally assisting leading universities in their development work to achieve that objective.

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