General Elections – my personality will do the voting

voting-boxApart from the die-hard traditionalist where all the family have voted for the same party, whatever their politics, the floating voter will match their choice in conformity with their personality type. I have described 4 different types: the Influencer, the Analyst, the Creative and the Supporter.

The Influencer will be persuaded by candidates’ personalities and will react positively to extrovert, emotive presentations. The Supporter will decide whether they like or trust the politician and will react negatively to aggressive electioneering.

The Analyst will use policy and its credibility as their criteria for voting choice and the Creative will use a similar determinant but adding the theatre of presentation as an additional factor.

The Influencer and Supporter may refer to the personal perspective and choose politicians they like or dislike, whilst the Analyst and Creative will tend to depersonalise their choice.

So before you vote discover your personality type and match it to your voting choice.

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