Your personality manifesto determines your vote!

How will my personality decide my vote in the election?

pollingIn my career coaching publication Career Coaching I have described 4 personality types and their different behaviours: the Analyst, the Creative, the Influencer and the Supporter. As a Career Coach, I have described these types so that they can be used to determine what job best suits individual personalities.

But these same descriptors can be used to examine our thinking and rational process. So find out whether you are an Analyst, Creative, Influencer or a Supporter and match it with your voting preference.

The Analyst

They do not do like or dislike in terms of people. They will focus on what is said rather than who is saying it. They will look at policy and promises from a rational perspective. Thoughtful and introspective they will examine the detail. Does it stack up? Broken promises or spurious data means loss of credibility and trust which cannot be reclaimed.

The Creative

They like new pioneering policy. The stage setting for the manifesto delivery is as important as the content. Drama, hype, passion and momentum, if tastefully done, will have a direct bearing on their choice of vote. But like the Analyst, the message must be rational and the substance believable.

The Influencer

They enjoy the big stage show. They buy the candidate rather than the policies. They love the big picture as their focus and do not do the detail. The Influencer wants to be emotionally moved: ‘Great performance, very motivational, got the feel-good factor, exciting can-do promises, you’ve got my vote’.

The Supporter

Like the Influencer they are also a people first voter but they are put off by too much hype. Emotion, not the rationale is their dominant voting criteria. ‘I like, I dislike, I trust, I distrust’ will be high on their list when deciding on candidates. Aggressive, disparaging and vindictive electioneering will be a “turn off” and will not receive the Supporter’s tick in the box.

And who might be the no voters?

The Supporters and Influencers are most likely to turn out. They will vote, even though they might consider their choice as the best of a bad bunch. They feel we have a duty to vote as it will have an effect on people’s lives. They will react to policies which are people centric and are relational. Personal tax and health funding are big but their yes or no on Trident is a ‘maybe’.

The Analyst and Creative will not vote if they consider the policies unworkable and the logic or calculations to be erroneous and vacuous. Voting must be a positive and purposeful exercise and tactical voting is a sham, insincere and, by the way, we don’t play your political games.

So here are the results of all the opinion polls

If you want the Supporter’s and Influencer’s vote put on a great show, make big claims, ignore the boring facts, smile and keeping waving preferably with all the family including granny. As for the Analyst and Creative do the math, be sincere and remember substance over presentation and, for goodness sake, drop that awful cheesy grin.

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