Attitude before knowledge

UntitledAttitude first, knowledge second

Whatever the situation, circumstance or event if you have a negative attitude you will not succeed.

But what do we mean by good or bad attitude? We can recognize it in friends and colleagues. We describe people with the wrong attitude as being unlikely to engage or be successful at what they are trying to achieve. And commonly we hear “great attitude” as a reflection of an accomplishment or positive persona and as someone good to be with.

Attitude can be a permanent or endemic trait or it can be transient in terms of being contextual. By contextual I mean that we may or may not like, agree or disagree with a particular policy or event and subsequently our attitude will be positive or negative.

But bad attitude can be endemic and permanent and can cause poor performance in the workplace and isolation in social circles. We can recognize the attitude criteria in today’s news media which tends to be polemical and refutable in the selection of material and presentation. News covered no longer becomes balanced but rather distorted as the selection process is always based on the negative scale.

It is good to reflect on your attitudinal tendency. Do I agree in conversations and add positive endorsements or do I have a tendency to the “Ah, but..”

We need to be strong  communicators to interact positively with colleagues in today’s shorttermist and technology driven environment. Active listening is core to this skill and a balanced attitude will translate into a proactive learning disposition which will further translate into success at work.

But it is difficult just to turn on and off a good and bad attitude. Many people will feel the world has gone mad and that from their experience most people they meet are just in it for themselves. Surely manifesting this positive utopian persona to all mankind is a bit artificial.

I am now going to do a bit of self promotion. I have identified 4 different personality types which can be related to the workplace. These personalities are outlined in a publication Career Coaching [ also called Your Lowe Profile ] by John Lowe which can be sourced on amazon.

When you discover your individual personality typed you will also recognise your particular talents and strengths as an Influencer, Supporter, Analyst or Creative.

This discovery and subsequent recognition of your strong skill-set can, from my coaching  experience, boast real confidence and be a catalyst for changing attitudes with positive and happy outcomes.

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