University-lets have you

University-lets have you

You are really looking forward to your first year at university.

You have discovered your personality type and how your strengths will relate to the workplace. You have a clear understanding regarding your choice of modules and how they will complement your career options. It is good to know your options at this stage as it acts as a motivation throughout the year, particularly when you are struggling to get that essay in on time and wondering if the course ‘is right for me’.

Know why you are there

Having a strong career plan at an early stage gives me a good study focus and expert reference point. I need this independent support as my colleagues are in the same sort of boat, being also not familiar with the implications of a particular career path.

I have a good similarly-minded circle of friends and mix well. I have identified my dominant personality type and what it means in terms of career choice and interacting with students and staff. I also understand the other 3 main personality types and this helps me to be more sympathetic toward my colleagues. This knowledge has developed my communication skills significantly. When I am looking for part-time work during my degree course I now know how to construct a really good CV, how to make strong job applications and how to succeed on interview.

Where did you find this info?

“I hope you don’t mind me asking but where did you get all this information from?”

“I read ‘Career Coaching’ (also called ‘Your Lowe Profile’) by John Lowe. “

“Where did you buy it?”

“On Amazon.”

Good luck with your studies! You’ll now have a great time.

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