Your personality will do the voting on the 23rd

pollingIn my publication ‘your lowe profile’ I have identified 4 distinct personality types which determines how people behave and I have identified the voting preference of each type below

The Influencer will be persuaded by the extrovert, upbeat, can-do, let’s go measure.If the message is positive with tangible beneficial outcome and they also relate to the messenger then they will tick their box

The Creative will judge on the presentation, the platforms and the argument.

The Supporter trusts or distrusts, likes or dislikes. They focus on the personality rather than the content. So if David Cameron or Boris fits their profiling, they are ‘in’.

The Analyst doesn’t do showmanship unlike the supporter and Influencer if the case stacks up deductively or rationally, you have their vote.

I proport then that how people vote on the 23rd June will be predominantly determined by personality type.


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