Employment Opportunities and Brexit

The future looks good for UK opportunities. We are opening up our trading platform and increasing our target audience from about 500 million to multi-billion.

Globalisation has long arrived and we are already trading on a world stage. We shall be released from the protectionism of the EU and its collective club members. We have had to break loose. We are too entrepreneurial to be suffocated within a claustrophobic, self-centred, multi-nation environment.

We did not leave to spite or do harm to the EU. We want them to do well. It’s in our interest. But just as keeping sterling was not an accidental choice and the fact that we have built up a world financial powerhouse, we need to be free to further develop, compete and grow using our individual expertise and style. At the same time we shall continue to welcome workers with needed skills to retain our global competitiveness.

And to the doom-mongers, have courage. The opportunities are vast. Technology dictates we are on a world stage and recognises this exciting and dynamic phenomenon. We have just thrown off some shackles which were holding us back.

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