Trump – what is his personality type?

As a head hunter and executive career coach I have spent my working life defining personalities and after over 25,000 interviews I have identified 4 distinct personality types – the Influencer, Supporter, Analyst and Creative.

People perform to type. Know the type and you can know and empathise with their actions and policies. The American presidential candidates are a perfect endorsement of this.

Trump is a classic Influencer.  He is not good at the detail. He will always talk about the ‘big picture’. Whilst Clinton will focus on the journey, Trump will concentrate on the destination.

Influencers are big business developers and money is their goal and it is important that others know that. They are showy and believe if you have it, flaunt it. There is no point in false modesty. It is not accidental that a huge skyscraper is known globally and branded Trump Tower nor, when he lands to address an election rally, that the Trump logo is clearly visible in ostentatious lettering on the side of the aircraft.

Ego is critical to Influencers and they will defend it vehemently if challenged. They are inspirational and have an emotive following. Trump will want to dominate and will be a poor listener in terms of communication style. He will talk a lot and very often the subject of communication will be “me”.

Clinton’s personality type is Analyst and she will not be able to create the spontaneous rhetoric of Trump. Trump is predominantly a people person and will seek to ‘move’ the crowd through emotive promises. Clinton is predominantly a non-people person and focuses firstly on the task. So her electioneering concentrates on policy and she endeavours to rationally undermine Trump’s logic.

Trump will appeal to the voter who is fed up with the political status quo, who fancies change and reacts positively to “follow me”, “can do”, “let’s go” leadership – we can focus on the big policies now and how high the wall should be later.

Clinton will appeal to the rational, policy-focused type. And though many may not agree or relate to her persona, they will be nervous about what they think are the vacuous claims of the Trump camp and, through Hobson’s choice, vote democrat.

For Trump vote – “Let’s go, let’s go! Follow me! We’ll have a great time!”

For Clinton vote – “Politics, policy and no change. Steady as she goes!”

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