Trump – the better presidential choice?

 So the fight is over. I say ‘fight’ because the media has presented the election as a truculent contest rather than a debate on comparative issues. And, as an aside, my blogs endorsing how the media is normally ‘off beam’ is again endorsed since, like brexit, they predicted the loser to win.

Trump has been accused of making extreme comments which can be construed as insulting and derogatory to factions of the community. The media were missing the outcome of these remarks with their literal interpretation. To Trump it is electioneering and his extreme comments were aimed to captivate a frustrated populous, frustrated with the political posturing of the opposition where playing to the audience seemed their sole preoccupation.

The election outcome replicates a similar scenario when Maggie Thatcher became Prime Minister of the UK. Many of her voters did not embrace her politics but thought the country needed a proactive, opinionated leader to take us out of the apathetic doldrums due to the accommodating, appeasing and spineless style of the Opposition.

Trump may be the better choice. If Clinton had won, the Trump camp would be stymied from giving vent and expression to their feelings of being ignored, undervalued and without a voice. Their cauldron of frustration and anger levied at the inept, political merry-go-round has put down a marker and said, though we may not agree with all his promises, at least he is not from the Establishment and we can now hope for a better America.

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