Socialising with friends and their personality

Whether you enjoy the evening out will be decided more by your personality and the personality type of your friends.

My 4 personality types behave and react in very different and individual ways. The Influencer type, the Supporter type, the Analyst and Creative types manifest very distinct personas in terms of how they react and interact with friends.

The Influencer will have enjoyed the evening if they have had the opportunity to ‘grandstand’. They thrive on positive recognition and will want to be the centre of attention. Their conversation will be self-centred and dotted with stories of their achievements and events with a positive reflection. The Influencer is good pub company if you need to keep the conversation going and enjoy extrovert characters who do the talking.

The Supporter is a people person. They are sensitive to the needs and reactions of others. They dislike contention and will enjoy the evening when the conversation is animated and cheerful. They are political and like gossip especially when it relates to colleagues at work: “Did you hear what ….?” They prefer to go to the pub with friends they know well and are nervous about meeting strangers as, unlike the Influencer, spontaneous conversations are not their forte.

The Analyst is reserved in company. Speak when you are spoken to or when you have something to say would be their motto. In terms of interactions they might find the Influencer too talkative and perhaps a bit too pushy. Unlike the Supporter whose conversations are mostly people centric, the Analyst prefers non-people subjects – mechanics, drones, astronomy, financial markets might be good starters. Debating is good. Mindful that their thinking process suits rationalisation and deduction, their preferred pub company is of a similar mentality.

The Creative is like the Analyst in that they are focused on task rather than people situations. Creatives love to evaluate and discuss the merits of scenarios. Their talents and skills may be based on music, products, graphics, literature, art or buildings. If you can identify their particular genre and encourage them to elaborate then you are in for a very stimulating evening.

So next time you are off to the pub with your friends you can now enjoy accessing all the different personalities and make people-watching your next round.

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