Brexit or Wrexit


Let’s go for Brexit

Change is good in today’s fast forward, tech driven environment. It keeps us flexible and adaptable in outlook and mentality, ready for the new.

We are one of the most powerful and successful nations in the world. We did not achieve this status by hanging on to the coat tails of others. We have always been independent in outlook and action. The City leads the world in finance as it trades on a global basis, not just focusing on the European market. We have tenaciously held on to our own currency which is an endorsement of our wish to do it our way. No other European country can replicate our position as a key member of the Commonwealth of nations. We are not insular like the “Europe only perspective”. We reach out globally and our laws, trading and commercial partnerships mirror image that openness.

We are popular with tourists and immigrants because we have a tolerant and welcoming culture. Britishness is synonymous with fair play, openness and opportunity.

Brexit allows us to continue to develop and manage our rich culture and uniqueness. Only we should manage our borders, laws, money and how we spend it. We cannot expect over 20 countries to have the same laws, dynamic, culture, entrepreneurial mentality, outlook, ambition and future perspective.

Brexit helps us to throw off the shackles of political insularism and once again take our dominant position on the world stage without interference.

Let’s go for Wrexit 

I have used a derivation of wreck it for the Remainers. Before the vote the Leavers were perceived as the wreckers.

So what are the advantages of remaining? The flip side to all my points stated above could equally be the corollary  to support the Remainers. The fact that we are one of the  world leaders and a recognised economic powerhouse with a go-to culture and  with a legal system which is recognised as an enviable universal model  all these achievements have been developed whilst we have been a member of this apparent claustrophobic, dogmatic, self-opinionated club, the EU. Some people might say, considering our global dominance achieved under this ogre, then let’s have more insularism, dogmatism and opinionatedness. Why spoil a good thing? Change should never be just for changes sake.

My reflections

Being in the ‘real world’ for many years and having interviewed over 25,000 candidates from all sectors of society and industries and experienced recessions and  ‘boom’ periods first hand my personal view would be less judgemental and less predictive.  Cutting through the political rhetoric and posturing, my experience tells me that both arguments are meritorious. The change will not be dramatic but rather developmental. The trading base may change its emphasis but it is critical that the 27 countries of the EU must recognise individually or collectively that we are on a world trading stage. Bumpy rides are inherent of the world dynamic.  And as part of a collective club called the EU or on our tod we shall have to create and implement policies which have a global reach and are empathetic for a more disparate and discerning  audience. Today’s markets are technology led, fast forward where change is endemic. We need to promote a nimble, flexible and opportunistic culture.  Adopt and acknowledge that reality and we are all winners whether in the Brexit or Wrexit arena.

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