Brexit and the media

Political reporting needs a grip not vacuous hype

Brexit just endorses the fact that our reporting climate focuses only on the problem which is often fabricated. Airlines will be grounded, medicines will be unavailable, foods may run out and the 5th largest and economically strongest nation will be brought to its knees.

And will the reporting climate finally embrace a balanced perspective say in three years when the UK economy is playing a stormer or will the’ Ah but ‘ polemical mentality continue to pervade. Remember the 2007/2008 scenario when we went from boom to bust? Before the outset of the disaster and the halcyon years preceding I did not hear the media informing me that we were in a boom situation. Rather, I was informed that finances were dodgy.

It’s interesting that ten years on we have left the bust far behind and have record numbers in employment, inward investment and dividends never higher, apparently, we are still in a state of austerity and saddled with the bust legacy.

If commercial organisations adopted the same frivolous, emotive and unbalanced criteria to operate their businesses they would be insolvent within the year.

Brexit is currently in a state of negotiating where each party adopts posturing and tries to gain the high ground. Most of the provocative commentary from both sides is for the journalist’s ears in the hope that they will publicise it and enhance the author’s bargaining profile.

In business, negotiating is a journey not a destination. When the contracts are signed and the deal is done it is only then that we can know the outcome.

The process, format and tone of negotiation will take us on many tactical turns and misleading journeys. To quote these antics and tactics verbatim as decisive opinion promotes confusion and is a funamental misunderstanding of the dynamics of persuasion.

Let’s hear it then from the media which informs us with the premise that issues, discussions and debate have a dual perspective. On the one hand ….. and on the other hand …. I shall then look and listen to be surprised, informed and perhaps even educated.

Remember, if we remain in the EU we shall be the 5th largest economy in Europe and if we leave the EU we shall be the 5th largest economy in Europe.

So let’s avoid the all the hyperbole and wait for the signatures when we can make informed commentary.

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