2ab6091c1cda0a22d17be6_L__V389883052_I am a head-hunter and career coach based in Regent Street, London. From my experience of interviewing and coaching many thousands of candidates, I have identified four distinct personality types which can be related to the work environment.

Most of the content of this blog relates to the four personalities at work and outline interesting scenarios which demonstrate the individual reaction of each type to varied situations.

I have authored various manuals which relate directly to career management incorporating the identification of your personality type, your ideal job and then how to apply for it and to win on interview. The main publications can be found on Amazon in both print and Kindle variations, as well as on iTunes .

The 4 Lowe personalities @ work


Knowing your work personality will explain why you were successful at certain tasks and what job will best suit you in the future.

The 4 Lowe personalities @ work is a new tool which can be used to identify your optimum working style. It is unique as it focuses mainly on behaviours in the workplace and allows the candidate, through self-validation assessment, to know their dominant skills. The process is based on offering candidates 4 separate scenarios from which they can choose. This method is based on the premise that candidates are the best judges of their own strengths and weaknesses.

The 4 Lowe personality types – the Supporter, the Influencer, the Analyst and the Creative – have distinct traits which can be related to job descriptions and job advertisements.

Knowing your ideal job, making strong applications, winning on interview and performing successfully at work are all activities which are enhanced by the structured application of the 4 Lowe personality types.

The Research

John Lowe has over 45 years experience of headhunting/recruitment consultancy and career coaching. He has been untraditional in that he has viewed recruitment and career coaching as integrative and interdependent. He believes that first-hand knowledge of the employment market is necessary to ensure that the career coaching sessions have a successful and realistic outcome. Too often career coaching may result in recommendations which are not practical or reflective of the market at the time. John lowe has personally interviewed over 20,000 candidates who have ranged from junior level to senior board directors. The candidates have also been from a an equally wide range of markets, incorporating as a sample oil petrochem, pharmaceutical, education, legal, accountancy, engineering, construction, architecture, management consultancy, IT, communications, PR, marketing, publishing, banking insurance and manufacturing.

Each market will have will have its own dynamic but Lowe purports that there are 4 personality types which can embrace and apply to all candidates and all jobs. The focus of his personal research has been work-related only and does not purport to be a relevant guide for behaviours within a social environment.

Lowe identified his 4 personality types during his time interviewing the first 5,000 candidates and then tested and validated his hypothesis whilst interviewing a further 15,000 candidates. His analysis is from a primary source and only based on one-to-one interviews.

Being active in the recruitment market and constantly dealing with employers regarding their recruitment requirements, Lowe was able to validate the relational aspects of the job skills requirement and the 4 personality types. Developing a transparent method to help candidates identify their key work skills and relate that knowledge specifically and practically to the workplace has been Lowe’s singular focus and ambition.

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