General Election – my personality will do the voting

Great communicator or a great “gasbag”

It won’t get out of bed!

No Need to Apologise

Genius @ Work

Contract or Permanent?

Winning on Interview

Today’s rock and roll work climate

Redundancy and How to Survive It

Managing Change in today’s technology led environment

Should I establish a rapport with the interviewer?

‘First Impressions’ Should we rely on them?

Gap year. Can I have one every year please?

Entrepreneur – Is it a freedom or just an ego thing?

Building your career profile

CV-Two Pages or Longer?

Personalities Underground

No Worries. Live for today.

Introvert or Extrovert – which is better?

Interviews the 10 most common myths and tips

How important is career goal setting?

Politics @ work

Is there an optimum learning technique? Can one size fit all?

London, My London

From the Crankies


Au Revoir from a Fat Cat


Angry @ Work

Listening skills @ work

Is it the academics or the personal?

Stress @ work

Which is your world?

Leaders @ work

What makes ME happy @ work?

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