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Genius @ Work

Am I the only genius @ work? The result and outcome of most Public Enquiries seems always to be that amazing revelation that there are ‘lessons to be learned’. Well hello! I have been to school and I have learned … Continue reading

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Redundancy and How to Survive It

The reality is that many more employees will experience redundancy at some stage in their working career in the current fluid job market. It does not have to be a monumental global catastrophe such as the credit crunch. It can … Continue reading

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Managing Change in today’s technology led environment

The rate of change in the modern commercial environment means we may cross a number of career boundaries during our working life. We need to be able to adapt to this rate of change and adjust to different work situations. … Continue reading

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Should I establish a rapport with the interviewer?

And the answer seems obvious. Yes of course you should do your best to establish a good rapport. If you are working all day with someone it is important that you get on well together.  One of my favourite clients, … Continue reading

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Match your study style to your personality and notice the dramatic improvement

Distance learning, blended learning, lectures, tutorials, interactive or not, Kindle or hard copy, IPad, IPod, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. You hear people say ‘I prefer a real book, which I can relate to in terms of design, size, shape, individual feel … Continue reading

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London, My London

I have worked in Regent Street  central London most of my life and when people ask my opinion of the city I find it difficult to be definitive. London, My London captures my experiences and contradictions.    It’s the place … Continue reading

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Don’t be a Cranky!

[ This poem is in response to the constant stream of negativity and unbalanced polemic commentary we are exposed to daily from a drama seeking media] Has the world gone mad, or is it only just me. Bad news now … Continue reading

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